Prosem Engineering has defined three main pillars for its service concept: strategic partnership, excellent service provision and innovative approach.


Prosem Engineering and Consultancy founded in 2007



Strategic Partnership

Cooperation is an effective process in obtaining the right results. In its service delivery, Prosem Engineering not only aims to ensure collaboration between various disciplines but also adopts the philosophy of engaging client in the work process.

Excellent Service

Prosem Engineering has been structured to produce its services entirely in-the-house in order to realize service provision without compromising the quality level it has promised to its customers. Prosem Engineering is working through a dynamic organization based on a sound technological infrastructure in order to guarantee service quality and meet the needs of the client swiftly.

Innovative Philosophy

Prosem Engineering, has an understanding of a work ethic which centers on seeking solutions that goes beyond the ordinary and specific to the job. While creating tailor-made solutions for each project with an approach based on research, creativity and innovation, it also provides means to have a problem-free operating period and to minimize operating costs.


The company works in close partnership with all the stakeholders in a project such as clients, suppliers and contractors by bearing in mind their expectations, capacity and experience.  


Tailor-Made Solutions

Each project has its specific requirements and multiple paths leading to solutions. Prosem Engineering starts off by fully and correctly assessing the needs of the customer along with the project requirements. 

Environment & Social Effects 

Prosem Engineering understands the value of our natural environment and the need to minimize impacts from society and industry. Our talented environmental professionals have a long history of providing solutions for private and public clients around the world.

Value Added Engineering

The company has reached its target of adding maximum benefit to its clients’ works by virtue of the team spirit and responsible approach of its highly competent staff.