Each project has its specific requirements and multiple paths leading to solutions. Prosem Engineering starts off by fully and correctly assessing the needs of the customer along with the project requirements.

To provide high quality service, to meet the needs and requirements quickly and to reach error-free and cost-effective solutions, Prosem Engineering makes its designs by 3D design analysis and 3D project drawings with the help of a highly competent staff.

Sureyyabey HPP Kurucayirlilar Energy 2017In Progress17 MW
Ova HPP Erdem Holding 2015In Progress14 MW
Gozeler HPP Kalehan Energy 2013In Progress190 MW
Alakopru Dam and HPP Boyut Group Energy 2013In Progress32 MW
Aydinlik HPP Odabasi – Bal Electricity 2013 In Progress49 MW
Guneslik HPP Odabasi – Bal Electricity 2013 In Progress 34 MW
Gumusoren, Obrucak, Sureyyabey Boyut Group Energy 2013 In Progress22 MW
Hasanlar Dam and HPP Baticim Energy 2013Completed9 MW
Hizir HPP Ozyilmaz Energy 2013In Progress 2 MW
Karakaya HPP Sultanmurat Energy 2013 In Progress 9 MW
Elmali HPP Bergun Electricity 2013 In Progress 10 MW
Melikom HPPRinerji Rize Energy 2013 In Progress11 MW
Sedef HPP Elif Group Energy 2013 In Progress 5 MW
Selcuk HPP Elif Group Energy 2013 In Progress 5 MW
Akin HPP Gungor Energy 2013 Completed 18 MW
Cokek HPP Baticim Energy 2013 Completed11 MW
Bingol-2 HPP Odabasi – Bal Electricity 2012 In Progress27 MW
Kezer HPP Odabasi – Bal Electricity 2012 In Progress13 MW
Demirci HPP Turkerler Construction 2012 Completed 13 MW
Ceviz HPP Arsan Construction 2012 In Progress 4 MW
Kopruyani HPPMackam Energy 2012In Progress 12 MW
Kucukkumla Dam and Irrigation State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) 2012 In Progress -
Derince Dam State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) 2012 Completed -
Koyunbaba DamState Hydraulic Works (DSİ) 2012 Completed -
Bagistas-II Dam and HPP Unit Investment 2012 Completed50 MW
Cambasi HPP Enerjisa Energy 2012 Completed 40 MW
Manavgat HPP BM Holding 2012 Completed 10 MW
Tufekcikonagi HPP B.Ergunler Construction 2011 Completed 5 MW
Telli HPP Asa Energy 2011 Completed 10 MW
Aksar Weir and Nazar HPP Aksar – Nazar Energy 2011 Completed 33 MW
Hemsin HPP BM Holding 2011 Completed 3 MW
Ulusal I-II HPP Ulusal Energy 2011 Completed 27 MW
Angutlu I-II HPPTurkerler Construction 2010 In Progress 24 MW
Akdere HPP B.Ergunler Construction 2010In Progress8 MW
Esentepe HPP Beha Electricity 2010 In Progress 16 MW
Devecikonagi Dam and HPP BM Holding 2010 Completed 29 MW
Yilmaz Ulusoy Energy Projects Yilmaz Ulusoy Holding 2010 Completed 40 MW
Boydak Energy Projects Boydak Holding 2010 Completed 700 MW
Vizara HPP Yilmaz Ulusoy Holding 2010 Completed 40 MW
Kayraktepe Dam and HPPBM Holding 2010 Completed254 MW
Serhat HPPKayi Construction 2010 Completed 10 MW
Mavi HPP Cese Energy 2009 Completed 12 MW
Saran HPPEgemen Energy 2008 In Progress 12 MW
Arpa HPP BM Holding 2008 Completed 33 MW
Yedigol and Aksu HPP Makyol Construction >Borusan-EnBW 2008 Completed52 MW
Energy Potential Development Asja – Albania S.r.l. Tecsult Inc. 2008 Completed 58 MW
Kaletepe HPP Kayi Construction 2008 Completed 12 MW
Hunut HPP Gozutok Construction 2008 Completed 36 MW
Tac HPP Gozutok Construction 2008 Completed7 MW
Yunuslar HPP HES Energy 2008 Completed9 MW
Karabat HPP Gozutok Construction 2008 Completed 8 MW
Pulumur Dam and HPPKenan Electricity 2008 Completed37 MW
Buyukbahce and Bagbasi HPP Kayi Construction 2007 Completed 26 MW
Koprubasi HPP Arsan Construction 2007 Completed 15 MW
Kayakopru I and II HEPP Arsan Construction 2007 Completed 40 MW
Gunesli II HPP Asya Energy 2007 Completed 13 MW
Pasa HPP BM Holding 2007 CompletedDiversion9 MW
Azmak HPP BM Holding 2007 Completed25 MW
Kale HPP Asa Energy 2007 Completed10 MW
Kizilirmak – Kargi Dam and HPP Akel Energy 2007 Completed 104 MW

Prosem Engineering provides engineering services for Hydropower Plants covering the whole chain – project development to commissioning. Beyond the engineering services, all consultancy services technical, economic and financial required for the investments are offered.

The company works in close partnership with all the stakeholders in a project such as clients, suppliers and contractors by bearing in mind their expectations, capacity and experience. Our technical knowledge and experience is supported by the project management capability we bring to major projects, incorporating sustainability and safety principles to meet client and community needs.