Derince Project

Derince Dam

By changing the dam type, the face slopes of the dam will be more steeper and accordingly the fill material will be decreased.

Project Information

Client: State Hydraulic Works (DSİ)

Location: Mugla

Status: Completed



Key Features



Concrete Face Gravel Fill Dam



Derince Dam was designed as clay core compacted gravel fill dam previously. But at the project site there is a lot of problem to obtainin clay material. Therefore, Derince Dam should be designed without any need of clay material.

Clay core is the impervious layer of the dam. The new dam type was determined as concrete face gravel fill dam. In this type, the impervious layer would be the concrete face and thus there will be no need to use clay material in the dam design anymore.

Derince Dam has a height of 52 m from thalweg and 62.80 m from the foundation. At the top of the dam there is a parapet of 3 m height. The crest elevation of the dam is 122.00 m.