Mavi Hydropower Project

The project is composed of weir structures, concrete lined tunnel, cylindrical forebay, penstock and a power plant.

Project Information

Client: Cese Energy

Location: Trabzon

Status: Completed


Key Features

Total Installed Capacity 12 MW

Pondage Storage

High Diversion Weir

Cylindrical Forebay

Semi-Indoor Powerhouse



Mavi Hydropower Project is a diversion type hydropower facility over the Hamsiköy Stream and makes use of the head between 894 m and 706 m. The construction of the projects has commenced in 2010 and Mavi Hydropower Project is expected to go into operation in 2013.

The project is composed of weir structures, 3.738 m long concrete lined tunnel, circular forebay, 236 m long penstock and a power plant. The type of conveyance line is determined as tunnel, thereby minimizing the negative social and environmental effects and expropriation costs. A circular forebay which is 12 m in diameter and 18.15 in length is designed within the scope of the project. The selection of the circular forebay in such a steep topography reduced the excavation amount, which in turn reduced the total cost. With the use of daily regulated 84.000 m3 water storage behind the weir and inside the tunnel, it is aimed to shift the energy production to the peak hours. The semi indoor type powerhouse has two equal capacity Francis turbines.