Manavgat Hydropower Project

One of the project’s main structures is 1500 m long penstock.

Project Information

Client: BM Holding

Location: Antalya

Status: Completed


Key Features

Total Installed Capacity 10 MW

Long Penstock

Pressure Relief Valves (PRV)




Manavgat Regulator and HES project whose construction has not started yet, uses the energy potential between the 815.00 – 710.00 m of Manavgat creek.

The project consists of regulator structures, a long penstock and a powerhouse that contains two big and one small  Francis turbines.

One of the project’s main structures is 1500 m long penstock. It is been proved to be more convenient for the project in terms of its feasibility and affordability to have a pipeline that will be based next to the stream bed, embedded to the ground, designed as a pressurised GRP pipe instead of a conventional unpressurised pipeline. By this way, the expropriation price of the project is reduced as well as the negative social and environmental effects. In order to keep the pressure levels in the GRP pipe line at a reasonable level, pressure reducer valves (PRV) will be constructed in the powerhouse. Energy production in low capacities will be able to generated in the powerhouse, which contains two big and one small horizontal Francis turbines.