Kizilirmak Kargi Dam and Hydropower Project

The project area is located within the first-degree seismic zone on North Anatolian Fault (NAF) which is the main source of major earthquakes in Turkey.

Project Information

Client: Akel Energy

Location: Çorum

Status: Completed


Key Features

Diversion Type

Installed Capacity 104 MW



Surge Tank

Power Tunnel

Seismic Hazard Assessment




Kargı DAM & HEPP is a dam type hydroelectric facility that is located over Kızılırmak River. At the upstream of the river, there are large storage facilities in operation such as Yamula, Hirfanlı, Kesikköprü, Kapulukaya and Obruk Dams as well as many other facilities for supplying drinking and irrigation water. At the downstream of the river, Boyabat Dam is still under construction.

In the feasibility report that was prepared by EIE in 1997 under the consultancy of Dolsar Company, the power plant was designed underground and near the dam body in order to keep it far from the fault. Additional studies have been conducted for an accurate evaluation of the seismic risk of the project by Prosem Engineering. First study is the tectonic investigation of the area which resulted in “Active Tectonic Investigation Report” prepared by Prof. Dr. Ali Koçyiğit from Active Tectonics and Earthquake Research Center, Department of Geological Engineering in Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2007. Following this investigation, it is found out that, penstock and the underground power plant location at the Geyiktepe dam axis in the feasibility report prepared in 1997 were located on the active faults of Hacıhamza-Dodurga Fault zone. It is also noticed that the potential of liquefaction of Ardıçköy Alluvium Range that located at the left coast of Geyiktepe poses great risks for Kargı Dam. In addition, another study entitled “Preliminary Seismic Hazard Assessment for Kargı Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant and Tunnel” has been conducted by Prof. Dr. Polat Gülkan from Department of Civil Engineering METU and Dr. Erol Kalkan from California Geological Survey in 2007. In the year 2008, “Kargı Dam and HEPP Project Expropriation Study Report Related with the Expropriation and Relocations for Four Different Dam Axes” is prepared. In the revised feasibility report that is prepared by Prosem in 2008, an extensive study has been conducted to identify the most suitable location among all alternatives for the dam axis by benefiting from above mentioned reports and studies.

The operational water level of the project is kept at flood level to obtain the possible highest head. The reservoir area is 5.79 km2 and the volume is 20.78 hm3 at the operational water level of 406 m with 15.17 hm3 active storage. The water taken with inlet structure is conveyed to the power plant possessing a Francis type hydroelectric turbine through an 11.5 km-long energy tunnel and a surge tank.