Kayraktepe Dam and Hydropower Project

Consequently, it has been seen by extensive studies that the reformulated design is adequate for flood protection.

Project Information

Client: BM Holding

Location: Mersin

Status: Completed


Key Features

Storage Regulation

Installed Capacity 254 MW

Environmentally Conscious Design

Watershed Planning

Flood Protection Planning

Irrigation Planning

Energy Planning

Basin Hydrology




Kayraktepe Dam & HEPP Project is located at Silifke district of İçel province over Göksu River. Although Kayraktepe Dam & HEPP project remains on the agenda for over 30 years, the construction has never been realized due to several reasons. The most important difficulty is the huge reservoir behind dam body that would cause negative social and environmental impacts as well as high expropriation costs, which necessitates the modification of the project formulation. Kayraktepe Dam is a multi-purpose project of energy irrigation and flood protection. These purposes are carried out by the modified project. In the reformulation; instead of a single large dam, five run of the river type hydroelectric power projects and one middle size dam has been considered. However, reducing the reservoir volume of the project also reduces the efficiency of the dam in flood control. In order to examine the efficiency of the whole project at flood control, Prosem Engineering has performed a detailed basin planning for Goksu River.

Göksu River and Ermenek Creek confluence at the upstream of Kayraktepe Dam, therefore, the effects of Ermenek Dam and Gezende Dam located over Ermenek Creek and Mut Dam planned to be constructed over Göksu River are included in the calculations for basin planning. In the study, the basins of each dam are determined and the flood hydrographs for those as well as for sub basins are estimated. Then, flood routing studies of these dams are carried out and the inflow hydrographs of Kayraktepe Dam are generated. Following, flood routing of Kayraktepe Dam is conducted and the outflow hydrographs of the dam are produced. Using these flow data, water surface elevations in Silifke Plain and Silifke District have been calculated and probable inundated lands have been determined. Consequently, it has been seen by extensive studies that the reformulated design is adequate for flood protection. By using these studies Adana Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works published “Kayraktepe Barajı Revize Hidroloji Çalışmaları Raporu” in 2011.