Gumusoren - Obrucak - Sureyyabey

The detailed cost analyses have been conducted for the projects and the risk assessment has been made.

Project Information

Client: Boyut Group Energy

Status: In Progress


Key Features

Installed Capacity 22 MW




Prosem Engineering has provided consultancy services for Boyut Group Energy for 3 DSI projects whose energy facilities will be privatized. The projects with a total installed power of 27.5 MW are under construction in Kayseri, Kastamonu and Çorum provinces.

The projects are under construction in the responsibility of State Hydraulic Works (DSI). The energy facilities of the projects will be privatized.

 Within the context of consultancy, hydrological calculations of the projects have been restudied according the most up-to-date data and the hydraulic results have been checked. In this respect, power potential and energy production capacity have been recalculated. Also, electromechanics and issues associated with system connections have been investigated. Moreover, the detailed cost analyses have been conducted for the projects and a risk assessment has been made. The project evaluation reports covering field observations and all studies conducted have been presented to the firm. Boyut Group Energy will make their decision about the projects according to these due diligence reports.