Demirci Hydropower Project

Demirci Weir is founded on a deep permeable soil in order to prevent excessive leakage.

Project Information

Client: Asa Energy

Location: Rize

Status: Completed



Key Features

Diversion Type

Installed Capacity 13 MW

Jet Grout Columns

Semi Indoor Type Powerhouse




Demirci HEPP is a diversion type hydropower project located in Black Sea Region within the border of Kastamonu province over the Gökırmak. The construction of the project started in September 2012 and the project is expected to be finished and to start operating in 2014.

Demirci HEPP is located on Gökırmak- an important branch of Kızılırmak. There are several regulating projects at the upstream of the project.

Demirci HEPP project is composed of a diversion weir, a 21 km long trapezoidal channel, a forebay with a reservoir, a 450 m long penstock and a powerhouse.

Demirci Weir is founded on a deep permeable soil and in order to prevent excessive leakage, jet grout columns are designed under the weir. Since the project has a long channel, about 25 flood passes are designed along this line in order to protect the channel. The forebay of Demirci HEPP project is designed to have 30 000 m3 active storage for daily regulation. By means of this design, low regimes of flow are stored at the forebay and can be turbined at peak hours. Due to unfavorable geological conditions at the site, the powerhouse is designed to be installed over reinforced concrete piles. The semi indoor type powerhouse have three equal capacity horizontal axis Francis turbines