Boydak Energy Projects

Within the context of consultancy, hydrological calculations of the projects has been restudied according the most up-to-date data and hydraulic results have been controlled.

Project Information

Client: Boydak Energy

Status: Completed


Key Features

Installed Capacity 700 MW

Due Diligence for Acquisition



Prosem Engineering has provided consultancy services for Boydak Energy for various projects with a total installed capacity of 480 MW whose 490 MW is the private sector projects while the remaining 3.55 MW part is within the scope of the privatization.

In this respect, power potential and energy production capacity have been recalculated. Also, electromechanics and issues associated with system connections have been investigated. Moreover, the detailed cost analyses have been conducted for the projects in order to ensure consistency with the current investment programs, and a risk assessment has been made. The project evaluation reports covering all studies conducted and field observations have been presented to the firm. Relying on these reports, Boydak Energy has joined to a private sector project undertaken by Nisan Elektromekanik Enerji and Muradiye Elektrik Üretim. which has a total installed capacity of 160 MW. Apart from private sector projects, evaluation of the current situation of the projects undertaken due to privatization has been conducted and required revisions have been determined by Prosem Engineering.