Bagistas II Dam and Hydropower Project

Income maximisation, reservoir operation rules, riverbed excavation.

Project Information

Client: Unit Investment N.V.

Location: Erzincan

Status: Completed


Key Features

Total Installed Capacity 50 MW

Income Maximisation

Reservoir Operation Rules

Riverbed Excavation

Basin Hydrology 



Prosem has served consultancy to Unit International N.V. for several projects. Hydraulics, hydrology, optimization and operational studies are conducted and tailwater excavation optimization and feasibility reports are prepared for projects of 69 MW total installed capacity.

Two equal capacity Pelton Turbines were selected for Hunut-II Project.

For Bagistas II Dam & HEPP Project that is in operation within Iliç district of Erzincan province, a riverbed excavation about 5.700 m long will be included. The recent project firm has performed a study for this excavation, Prosem has evaluated this study by means of hydraulic aspects. At the downstream of the project, Adatepe Bridge is located on Karasu River and at the left coast, the railway lies along the river. Prosem has performed a study in order to determine the route and the cross-sections of the excavation and the hydraulic calculations without any damage to the bridge and the railway by ensuring the minimum excavation volume. In the scope of other two diversion type projects, Prosem has performed water supply and operational studies while preparing feasibility report for one of them.